Perfect Mother’s Day Gift: The Marian Necklace

Hi B-Tribe!

Here is our Marian Pearl Necklace, the perfect gift for Mom on Mother’s Day.

It classy and still makes a statement, the fabulous thing about Marian is that each strand is a separate necklace.


She can be worn in so many different ways, as a single strand, a double strand or a full three strand necklace. All the stands can be joined together to make one long necklace!

Fresh Water 7mm AA Pearl 3 strand hand knotted Necklace, minimal inclusions.

Stand lengths: 17 inches, 18.5 inches , 20 inches.

Available on the shop.

Here I am loving my Marian Necklace, l think I found 5 ways to wear it :)

Lots of love,


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