The Tosin Turquoise and Sterling Silver threader Earrings

Hi B-Tribe!
Here’s another under celebrated gemstone; Turquoise.

It has an unmatched blue green hue very similar to the American robins egg blue, it is a mineral (hydrated phosphate of copper and aluminium) and it was one of the first gemstones used as jewellery and seen in history for thousands of years.

It is one of the stones that can be cleaned by a simple home remedy - Soap and water!
These earrings are named Tosin after my sister, Oluwatosin is a Yoruba name meaning God is worthy to be praised.
The Tosin Turquoise threader earrings are teardrop turquoise beads handing on sterling silver thread, the clasp has two turquoise beads adding to the versatility of the piece, it can be worn half mast or full, it is very light and dainty and the perfect piece for a simple understated look.
Lots of love,

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