A Message from the Designer

Hello and welcome to BAIYÉ!

My name is Funto and I am the Intellectual Creative behind the BAIYÉ Jewellery brand. Intellectual because I am a trained lawyer and Creative because I get to live and craft in the infinite world of BAIYÉ. BAIYÉ was born out of personal needs, my skins reaction to non-precious metal, my love for colour and search for timeless pieces. I craft classic one-of-a-kind and limited pieces of jewellery from precious stone and metal, that transition easily from the boardroom to the red carpet for today’s woman on the go.

The first time I strung together a piece of jewellery, I was 5, in a school in Glasgow, Scotland. My love grew in summer art class on the Isle of Man and my grandmother further encouraged me to pick up the craft by taking me to the Kings beader in Ibadan, Nigeria; a very, very old woman who had passed on the small shanty shop to her grand daughter but due to her passion for jewellery, still strung corals for the Kings wives with her failing eyesight. I have since moved around gathering inspiration that fuels my jewellery designs.

Like me BAIYÉ has been a nomad of a brand starting in a hostel in Ibadan, Nigeria, upgrading to a dining table in Lagos Nigeria, flying across the sea to a dorm room in Coventry, UK, re-branding on a jeweller's bench back in Lagos, Nigeria and finally finding a home in British Columbia, Canada.

I hope you will consider owning and wearing my pieces, to enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed making them. 

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Do get in touch by sending me an email at funto@baiyejewellery.com or come follow us on our instagram page here.

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Lots of love,